The Alpha And Beta Traits

Alpha and Beta Personalities

There are two types of personality,  the Alpha and the Beta,  and what is the difference between these two personalities?

First I would like to discuss the  ALPHA.   Alpha personality is a person whom people are attracted to  and want to be with them because of personality traits that  he or she has.  The guy who always gets the hottest girls is an alpha. The woman many people admire onstage, with style and dignity is an alpha. A church leaders who lead a community is an alpha. Good example of this are celebrities, rock stars , political and business leaders.  People always want to join their  leadership or company. One of the traits that they have is self confidence.  They are certain in the things that they want.  And they usually care and love themselves. These alpha individuals give value to others and always possess a positive energy which is the reason why people love them so much.  Most of the time they do what other people don’t want to do.   And the good part  is  they get  the money, the car, the girl or the guy that they want while people respect them because of their  positive impact  to the society.

What is BETA ? M ost of them become followers because they have little self confidence and they are uncertain on the things that they want. That’s why they need a leader to guide them. They always blame others or circumstances and avoid responsibilities .  In short, they are the opposite of the alpha.  Being a beta is not bad.  Most of us start  in this state and along the way with the guide of the alpha persons or leaders.  In such way,  we can develop to adapt ourselves and learn how to become one of the alphas. You  start developing  your self confidence and start leading your own community as well.  We don’t want to be in beta state forever .  We can upgrade ourselves and make a difference to our family and society as a whole.

Do you want to be a follower  forever? Of course  not.  That’s why we need to grow and develop our -selves and believe in our potential….

So the real question, is what do you want to be?  Being an Alpha or a Beta? Choose now or else life will choose for you by default, and you might regret it..:=)

In building your business  or creating relationship weather on line or Offline being alpha is an advantage, you can attract more followers that will turn in to loyal clients or business partners.


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