See Why Your Words are Powerful

Last week, my friends, Ron, Daryl and Jaycee went to Dumaguete City.  They stayed there for  four days. Since Ron  was from that place he toured Daryl and Jaycee in Silliman University,  where he graduated in B.S. Psychology.   In the College of Psychology,  a horror chamber which is similar to a horror house is an attraction there.  Ron took Daryl and Jaycee to this horror chamber  just to let them have a felt experience. At first, Daryl was hesitant to get inside the chamber . He was a bit afraid of what is inside.  But he was able to fight his negative feeling  because of curiosity.  When they were inside the chamber, according to them, they heard somebody shouting in scary tone like “tabang….tabang! (a bisayan word for!).   The funny thing about this experience is that after they came out of the horror chamber, Daryl asked Ron and Jaycee of how  they feel while inside the chamber? Were they scared or not?  Daryl who was a bit  hesitant to get inside the chamber before but he replied confidently to the question asked  by Ron … “No I’m not scared because the people inside the chamber were shouting  “Tapang!.,.Tapang!”  which  I interpreted  it as “be braved”.

Because of this, I eventually got away with my scary feeling and that made me prepared in facing the situation inside the horror chamber.”  Ron and the group laughed at this but this misinterpretation of Darly for the word “tabang” which means “help” into  “tapang” which means “brave”  gave the latter a feeling of confidence to push through with his journey inside the horror chamber .  With this, his negative feeling was processed into a positive feeling  which developed his self confidence.

What I learned from this experience of Ron, Daryl and Jaycee is that a positive word  “tapang” as overheard by Daryl while Daryl while inside the horror chamber  is so powerful that it can change one’s outlook in  life. It can boost our self-confidence to go on with what we have started until we reach the finishing line with flying color.

In business,  positive words or affirmations can always give positive results to every transactions that it takes.  It can improve the working relationships within the organization of people.   It is also important to always use positive words to gain our self -confidence in dealing with our everyday activities.  Sometimes we have horror chamber inside our brain.  These are soft voices  shouting deep inside us,  “I’m not good enough, I’m scared, I’m a failure, I can’t do that,  etc.”  Or, maybe the horror chamber can be our friends, or may be family  that instead of giving us the words of encouragement they are putting us down.  This horror chamber that we have in side our brain can sabotage our life. That is why we need to think positively and  use positive words  to get away with negative vibes within us.


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“Learn TO Lead Yourself”

 I was so blessed to be in one of the trainings of my mentor, Monte Schumacher, here in the Philippines.  Monte Schumacher is a very successful entrepreneur whose business has been expanded already in different countries in the world.  According to him, if you want to be successful you must become a leader.  And, to be an effective leader you must first discipline yourself to lead.  Treat yourself as if  you are an employee of your own business. I have learned from this training that you cannot lead other people unless you can lead yourself.

I may say that Leading means  to lead yourself to thinking positively, to dreaming big, and to taking action in making that dream come true. Actually without knowing it , we are already doing this but sometimes we are not conscious as to what particular direction we are leading ourselves.

Leadership is a big responsibility which requires a lot of discipline.   I have been telling myself before that I want to be a leader, but the question is,  how?  Do I need people for me to become a leader?  This training made me realized that leadership should be applied first within ourselves. Thus at first you need not to have other people to lead. As soon as you are successful in applying the principle of leadership within, you will find yourself later on influencing others. Every day we have opportunities to practice leadership. To enhance your leadership skills it is also important to mingle with people who are experts in this field.  By doing this, we will learn many things from them relative to leadership and this is a great opportunity for us to improve ourselves as leaders.

I am so thankful for I have great mentors in leadership who are very generous enough in  sharing  their talents and skills in leadership.

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3 Ways To Build Your Fortune In The 20th Century

 We know that if we want to be successful , we must find the most possible way , right?  Did you know that 70% of self made millionaires are in business.  That is why we have a bigger chance to be successful if we do business.  The question right now is what business are we going to venture in today’s time

According to big players in the industry like Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” and Donald Trump, the owner of 80% to 90% of the buildings in New York, there are three (3) options to create your fortune in today’s generation.

   First, the Traditional Corporation.  In this option, you will invest large capital approximately 50  to 100  of millions.  Why?  Because you will need a big office, warehouse, a business system that works, manpower, overhead costs and other equipments to start your business operation. You also have to deal with the government for your business permit and other  government requirements to operate legally. And, you need to wait for the ROI period before you will start to earn an income from your investment.  This  business option is not possible to those who lacks  large capital and it is also very risky if we do not have the necessary skills in doing corporate business.

Second, the Franchise.  We can refer this to big franchising businesses like McDonalds, Jollibee, Mang Inasal and other big players in the industry. These franchising businesses have 70% success rate because they already have a system  that is workable.  All you have to do is to follow the system step by step. They  give trainings before the start of the business as part of their franchising packages.  This option can be very safe to venture for as long as you have the capacity in terms of investment.  The capital investment for this kind of business is approximately 20 to 50 million.

        Third,  the Distribution Network.  Many large companies right now like, Coca-cola, Gellite and many companies in the United States and other countries are already shifting to distribution network. It is one of  the most  less expensive and efficient tool in distributing  the products of the company.  Most people right now  love to do business with other people whom they like and trust. 

The “word of mouth”  way of business information  can be effective and efficient tool in doing this kind of business. A friend’s recommendation to use a certain product can be more effective than just simply listening to the mass media  advertisement.   Facebook  has more than 60 million users world wide and that is because of the power of networking. Even Donald Trump right now builds his own  network distribution business because he knows this is the next big thing.  Today, University of Illinois in Chicago is teaching network distribution in school.  What’s good  about this venture is , you need not to have large capital investment in order to have a business.  You can start your  network  distribution business with less than 100 thousand pesos only.  All you have to do is to choose the right company to partner with.   It must be 10 years old and above in operation. The product must be unique, exclusive and consumable.  It allows you to expand globally. Support and trainings must be available.  If you have a partnership with this kind of company, according to Robert Kiyosaki, you are in a perfect business.

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See Why Having A Plan B is Very Important Aside From Our Job.

Today, aside from work I believe we need to own a business .  Why?  Job right now is not that  stable  as compared before.

Jobs were developed during the  industrial age when manufacturing companies were booming during the 1760s-1850s where a lot of workers were needed.  That was then the main reason why more schools were also established to satisfy the demand of qualified workers.  But right now we are in the information age.  You cannot just use the old formula in the new economy.  The competition is much higher compared before.  Expectedly, most companies do cost cutting as much as possible .  They use contractual system because as it is cheaper compared to hiring regular employees.  In addition to that, our inflation rate is much higher which really downgrade the value of our peso.  That’s why for me having plan B is important.

Just think of this, if recession will happen and you get laid off at the age of 35 to 45 what is your option?  It will hard for you to find another  job that as good as before.  My work  before was to handle account of housing loan,  in 2009Philippineswas affected by recession and many of my accounts were very much affected.   Some of the loan clients got laid off from their work, they cannot pay anymore their loan. A lot of them too didn’t know what to do because their source of income was only their job.

I saw and I felt how hard it was for them to cope up with the situation. And that moment I said to myself I should really prepare and I will not rely in one source of income or I will not put my future in  to someone else’s hand.  I will take full responsibility of my future.  I remember my friend, he is 60 years old ,  he is actually my officemate before . He is a manager of large bank company here in the Philippines and graduated from one of the best schools in the country, at the age of 40 the company offered him an early retirement and gave him a separation pay of one million pesos. Someone said an early  retirement offer is another way saying that we don’t want you in our company anymore you are too expensive already we rather get a young fresh employee for less cost and multi tasking responsibilities and willing to do overtime.)  Since 20 years of his life was spent as  manager obviously he had less exposure in do it yourself business. Managerial knowledge and skills is not rightly the same as entrepreneurship, right?  What do you think that happened? Unfortunately all of his money is gone! Right now at the age of 60 he’s back to work with a salary of 350 pesos no savings and no business.  It’s  a sad flight?  As much as possible we don’t want it to happen to us.  Besides all of us after retirement will do business anyway it’s simply because when we retire the income stops while the expenses still continue, and we still need an income to live.

So if you are young right now, you still have plenty of time to learn business skills and mindset. What ever happen to your work you still have the skills to make money. I like what Jim Rhone said that you work in a full time job and work part time on your future.  I completely agree plan A plus plan B is much better compared to Plan A alone. This is what is best about information age because we can possibly do both  technology and innovation, working for a job  and working for your future is an opportunity to do both, it’s up to you to take advantage of it. In our parents’ time this option was not  possible. If you want to do business you have to leave your job which is very risky.

"If anybody else in your town can get rich, so can you; and if anybody else in your
state can get rich, so can you."

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The Manny Pacquiao and Mosley fight just recently was a great fight for me. Manny did a great job. This big event in the Philippines and even in the whole world gave me a great lesson to live on.
There was a round where Manny Pacquiao was down on the floor because he was accidentally pushed by Mosely and received a bad call from the referee. Obviously, it should have not been counted by the referee as “knocked down,” but it was. However, that incident did not disappoint Pacquiao instead he just laughed at the decision of the referee. He got back , more aggressive, dominate the rest of the rounds and win the fight. This was something that I have noticed in the person of Manny Pacquiao and I do believe that this is one of his positive attitudes that made him as the greatest ring fighter in the world.

I remember also when Manny Pacquiao lost his fight with Eric Morales after which , he became more stronger and instead of getting discourage, he prepared himself to make it to victory. Since then, he never missed his every fight. Many people love to see him inside the ring because of this positive attitude.
We should embrace this positive attitude of Manny Pacquiao, “ he never surrender until he makes it to the top.” Sometimes life will knock us down because of so many failures we experienced, but let us not take these failures as reasons for us to stop living, instead let us take these as a motivation to fight again, make our self more stronger in order to win the game of life. Every failures in life could be a great opportunity and something that we can profit from it , if taken positively failures can be profitable to us .

I am fond of reading biographies of successful people. One common thing I observed among them is that, all of them experienced failures in life much greater than what we have maybe right now but they all knew how to profit from it. These never discouraged them to pursue their dreams instead, they took these as factors that made them stronger to face life again and again until they succeed. Just like Thomas Edison who failed 10,000 times before he became successful in his invention. Michael Jordan failed to enter the varsity during his High school days but instead he became the greatest basketball player of his time.

Failure is good when we profit from it, and it can be a motivating factor for us to do more just like Manny Pacquiao, Thomas Edison , Michael Jordan and many more successful personalities.

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In my company which I called LIFE, I will find and hire good people by not trying to change them to be good.

In building a business relationship or even forming a football team, it is very important to work with people whose values are approximately or relatively the same as you have, so that there will be an alignment of goals and plans when working together as associates.

Teamwork is important in every endeavor no matter how small or big it may be.  Hence, it follows that dealing with people and in choosing them as part of your team is also important. In such case, running a company as owner, you need to choose the right teammates or colleagues in order to fulfill the company’s mission.  For example, a  girl whose  mission in life is to have a partner who is  health conscious, God- fearing, family oriented and ambitious, shall not marry an atheist, smoker, and a lazy person.   She has to find a guy who has the same value as she has for her to be happy.  Make sense right? In business, while building your dreams choose a team that is ambitious, positive and willing to support  you in realizing your dreams. It is not advisable partnering with people who have no ambition and with negative attitude in life because changing them for good will cause you a lot of headaches, as Jim Rhon said, “Good people are found not changed.”

Just like if an HR is looking for an engineer, he will not hire an accountant and change him to an engineer.  The smartest thing to do is to hire the best engineer.   If  I were the CEO of my Life Company, who will I hire?  Of course, I will hire the best people who can  work with me with ease in a healthy company relationship which will make me happy every single day while achieving  my company’s mission.

Life is simple.  If you are looking for good people find  them! If you are looking for positive friends, find them!  If you are looking for a religious husband, find him and hire him in your life! Life is so beautiful because what you want to have solely depends on you.  It is YOU who give  answers  to the questions of what, where when and  with whom to accomplish your mission.

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“See Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Cool”

            Imagine, all of the things we are using right now are the products of an entrepreneur’s creative mind like the internet, our favorite car, clothes, gadgets, our favorite hangouts like malls, etc. Do you  think  it is cool?

Entrepreneurship allows us to become creative and can make us express our greatness as a person.  I do believe that  all  of us has an entrepreneurial spirit that  once  this is developed or enhanced  we can achieve more.  Entrepreneurs are normal people but willing to do extraordinary things because they believe that they are born into greatness.

I like what John Maxwell said about being an entrepreneur.  He said, “Entrepreneur become the envy of others because oftentimes  they do what others wanted to do and what others could have done but they  won’t do.”  Entrepreneur has a courage to do what others do not want to do.  That  is, why they get  what others are not getting.  The only difference of an non- entrepreneur to entrepreneur is that, the latter  do accept more challenges with courage.

Entrepreneurship is the way to be free, to have a life style that you want  and will also give   an opportunity to enjoy life every single day.  I know of a friend who has a very exciting life style.  He always travel  almost every month doing beach hopping, surfing and enjoying his passion every single day.  He gets that kind of life because he decided to be an entrepreneur.

Every single day people respect and admire the entrepreneurs because of their contribution to the world.  Mostly  of successful entrepreneurs , just like Bill Gates, are busy doing charity works by helping less fortunate people aside from doing business.    This is a social responsibility  that successful entrepreneur  incorporated in the mission-vision of their business  which make them more popular in their chosen field.

Imagine, if you decide to be an entrepreneur and work  hard for it , you will have the opportunity to live the life that you really want.  Nice car, expensive clothes, travel, time, shopping, charity works, beach hopping, beautiful wife , handsome husband, etc.  It’s cool right?  Do you think you deserve that kind of life?  Yes, I believe you deserve it but you have to believe it yourself.

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